Formerly of Manila in the Philippines is a self trained artist now working and living in United Kingdom (London) since April 2000. This web site is intended as a forum of display of his current works and gives information of up coming exhibitions. Most of the works produced are oil on canvas and each of the series varies in size. Other mediums are also available. Each of the pages for each series gives details about the series and further information about each of the paintings can be found by clicking on the individual paintings.

Featured Gallery

Flower of Life/Circles of Life
United Colors of Oneness
Visit Philippines
Catbalogan Samar
Perfect Empire
Knight of St. John
Un-Born Fate: Un-Died Faith
The Unfinished Works of Francis Tanseco
Affirmation: Joyful and Creative Exuberance
True Colours
My Families Weddings
Filipinism: La Aunor; Woman
Beauty, Love, Madness
Make Love Not War