Flower of Life/Circles of Life

Partly inspired from Madam Imelda Romualdez Marcos book titled "Circles of Life" and partly inspired from the ancient knowledge about the Flower of Life to which Leonardo da Vinci made a study also.

"Flower of Life" is a creation template. It is a Geometry which is sacred in nature because of its form which is the architectural formula to creation. Once this blue-print is in our consciousness, it gives us power to articulate that vibratory pattern and aligns our consciousness with the One Infinite Creator therefore to Intelligent design. In turn, this model once in alignment with our own personal frequencies gives us that potential intelligence and consequently gives us the creativity to manifest our intent with that of our Creator.

In your intent is for protection, this is an excellent symbol to have in your home. Whatever is your intent, this symbolism will magnify it and gives it power.

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