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Series: Imeldarella
Series No: 5
Title: 1965 During Ferdinand Marcos Inaugural - First Term in Office
Size: 11 inches (H) x 15 inches (W)
Medium: Water-color on water-color paper
Subject,Inspiration,Expression: Imelda Marcos
Date: 2010
Location: W1T 4JQ, London

Original Watercolour Artwork is without text and is signed and dated
"This is the Philippines.This is China..This is Russia. This is the East. This is the West. And the Equator. As anyone could see, the Philippines was right at the center of the globe. I.m surprised nobody saw this. As Chairman Mao said, you can change ideologies anytime, but you can never change geography. Geopolitics! This is what wil make the Philippines great and beautiful again."

(Explaining her "master plan for the country" by drawing a map of the world, quoted in Today, April 1998 . contributed by Jane Po)

IMELDA MARCOS (July 2, 1929 - )

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