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Series: Imeldarella
Series No: 7
Title: 2010 Imelda at her husband mausoleum during her run of Congress
Size: 11 inches (H) x 15 inches (W)
Medium: Water-color on water-color paper
Subject,Inspiration,Expression: Imelda Marcos
Date: 2010
Location: W1T 4JQ, London

Original Watercolour Artwork is without text and is signed and dated
"I miss him a lot...and also not - because he has become one with me in spirit and before I used to take him for granted. He.s always with me now, more than ever. It is also fun in a way; the longer he.s gone, the more prefect he becomes (she laughs.and that love grows despite loneliness."

(On weather she misses Ferdinand, quoted in the Australian Sunday Times, March 1998 - contributed by Asa Sajise)

IMELDA MARCOS (July 2, 1929 - )

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