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Series: Imeldarella
Series No: 10
Title: 1986 Press conference during the Edsa Revolution
Size: 11 inches (H) x 15 inches (W)
Medium: Water-color on water-color paper
Subject,Inspiration,Expression: Imelda Marcos
Date: 2010
Location: W1T 4JQ, London

Original Watercolour Artwork is without text and is signed and dated
"As we were coming down the Malacanang, Ferdinand held my hand and said, 'Imelda, this is your fault.' In shock, I asked, 'Why, Ferdinand?' He answered, 'Because you gave me a heart.'"

(On why Marcos refused to fire at the crowds on Edsa in 1986 - quoted in Special Edition)

IMELDA MARCOS (July 2, 1929 - )

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