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Series: Un-Born Fate: Un-Died Faith
Series No: 7
Title: Sealed By Budaism
Size: 36 inches (H) x 27 inches (W)
Medium: Oil pastels on paper
Subject,Inspiration,Expression: Evolution of Religion
Date: 2008 - 2009
Location: London W1T 4JQ

“Religion convinced the world that there’s an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do. And there are 10 things he doesn’t want you to do or else you’ll go to a burning place with a lake of fire until the end of eternity. But HE LOVES YOU!....And he needs money! He’s all-powerful, but he can’t handle money!

George Carlin (1937 – 2008)

“I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up....they have no holidays.”

Henny Youngman (1906 – 1998)

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