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Juan Gising 
Monday, 18. April 2005 14:26  Write a comment

Heartless. Our heart grieves for 42 Ati families living on a one-hectare property in Boracay who have been given notice to leave their centuries-old residence, by no less than GMA herself, to give way to a tourism development project.

Why can't they be allowed to stay where they are? It's just one hectare and could be dressed up as a unique tourist attraction as they do in the US in Kunming, China and other countries. Where's the Commission on Cultural Communities on this? DSWD? Human Rights Commission?

In the US, the Indian Tribe's ownership of its reservations was recognized by the US Supreme Court. Indian Tribes are now enjoying the benefits of Indian casinos from which every Indian family in California gets $30,000 a month in subsidy. The Atis have been in Boracay long before any Christians arrived.
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